Prana Design Painting Launches a New Barge.

How do you get to those hard to reach places? By using the right equipment. Introducing, the Prana Painting Work Barge.

Quite often we work on boat houses along the shores of Lake Sunapee, and some of them offer unique access challenges. If there isn’t an adjacent dock from which we can work, then we have to work from the water. It isn’t easy setting ladders and platforms in the water. It takes time, and for safety reasons cannot be left in place over night or for multiple days. Even if we can use a ladder, somebody is bound to get wet.


Our work barge offers a moveable, flat work surface that we can maneuver around the lake wherever it may be needed. From the barge we can set up the necessary equipment for a difficult, open water job. It’s a unique, but very practical method of access to those beautiful, waterfront structures that are abundant on the shores of many New Hampshire lakes.


Water isn’t our only obstacle. Even with solid ground under our feet sometimes it isn’t possible to use a ladder. You can’t always assume that you can lean a ladder on all structures.

On these projects we use articulated lifts.lumber1

A lift offers convenient mobility and additional access to structures that ladders should not touch. It enables you to move around very quickly to tackle a project from just the right angle. Thankfully, we have personnel who are adept at both operating these machines and painting. And it helps that they are not afraid of heights.