When to Paint?

How Often Does My Home Need Painting?

The question of how often to paint your home’s interior can be answered by identifying the reasons why we paint. Those reasons determine the frequency. This isn’t decorating advice, just experiential information based upon many years of professional painting. For detailed, expert, decorating advice we regularly partner with interior design companies who are very good at learning your tastes and creating beautiful spaces.


Reason #1

Wear and Tear – Aging

If you use a good, quality paint, such as we use (see “Choose the Right Paint, August, 2015”), and prepare the surface properly, you will find that the paint job can last a long time. However, as with everything else, the more you use a room and how it is used determines how long it will last, or in this case, how frequently it will need painting.Kitchens and bathrooms might be the most well used spaces in a home. Because of their use, they are frequently cleaned, possibly scrubbed. They are also subject to other environmental factors like heat and steam. Let’s also consider hallways and stairways in this category. They get the most traffic and probably get bumped and scraped often. Therefore, these well-used spaces will likely require more frequent painting and could use repainting every 3-4 years. Children’s bedrooms are also likely to be well-used, or you might even say abused. These might also need more frequent painting, 3-5 years. Living rooms, dining rooms  and adult age bedrooms are spaces that are more calm and relaxing, and therefore are more likely to be lightly used. These rooms can last much longer, possibly 5-10 years, or longer. Again, these are merely observations. Some clients wait longer, while in other cases we are repainting rooms that we painted 2 years ago, or less.

This brings us to reason #2.

Change – Updating

Living rooms, dining rooms and adult bedrooms will more likely be repainted because of styling changes and redecorating well before the paint begins to wear out. This can be influenced by color choices as well (see “Pantone Has Spoken: Rosy and Serene Are In for 2016”). Some colors, possibly bold or trendy, tend to become dated more quickly. This is where those interior decorators can be very useful.


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A few more reasons for painting include–

New Construction

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