Before and After photos everyone can relate to…

Everyone loves to see the transformation that is revealed in a succession of before and after pictures. We’ve all seen the TV shows like, “This Old House”, or the variety of other home makeover shows on cable TV channels, right? Each program is designed to tease you until the very end. That’s where they make the “big reveal”. Unfortunately, I don’t always get to visit the project early to take the “before” pictures.

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Well, I have managed to get a few “before” pictures, so that I can contribute to this story. These examples show just how demanding the preparation of a project is prior to painting. It is often the most difficult part of any project. For this first house, we were also faced with the added demands of containing the old, lead paint. This requires added safety precautions for our staff, as well as following the procedures required to ensure that all dust and scrapings are captured and disposed of properly. This adds a lot of work to a job, and is probably not something you want to tackle as a DIY project.


This project was a significantly larger home, but did not have the same lead paint requirements. However, as you can see, the height from the ground was quite a bit greater, so more high, ladder work was necessary. Therefore, the overall preparation work was about equal.

before and after 2015

Interior “before and after” painting pictures are not usually as dramatic, because you don’t always see paint peeling from the walls. They can be very effective if you’re doing some remodeling at the same time. Otherwise, they may just show a change in color. However, I do have some progress pictures, and we will be posting these types of pictures more frequently on our Instagram page.

Home Protection:

An important aspect of an interior painting project is how we protect your home. If we can move it, we will. When we’re finished, we’ll move it back where we found it. If you see a member of our team looking at their phone before they start a room, they might actually be taking a picture of the room. Then they can refer back to the picture when the job is done to make sure everything is put back in its place.  If we can’t move it, then we will cover it. This includes the floors, but also other built-in, fixtures and cabinetry.

Thank you for your interest.


If we can move it, we will. If we can’t move it, we will cover it.

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In the end we have the nice, clean, look of a beautiful, finished product.