Combine a Good Painting Company with a Creative Interior Design Firm on Your Next Interior Painting Project.

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September, 2016

When planning your interior painting we appreciate it when you choose to include our staff of professional painters to help you achieve your decorating goals. However, if you’d like to take your plans to another level, please consider working with one of our many interior design partners. An interior designer can add a great deal to a project, and the result is a high-quality, finished product.

An interior designer and painting company work hand in hand to achieve a desired look. Naturally, the designer wants the completed project to look great, so they work with contractors that they trust to ensure that the end product meets a high standard. As painting professionals, we feel the same way about our services. We are typically the first and last thing that people notice about a room, and a great design makes the high-quality services we provide look fantastic in your home.



Bathed in Color: The End of the Neutral Bathroom

There are several reasons to include an interior designer on your project. A few things to consider…

Save time and improve efficiency –

If you’re anything like my wife, it could take about 6 months to choose a paint color. Furnishings and other decorating touches take even longer. And which task should you tackle first, buy furnishings or paint? A professional designer already has an eye for this process, and knows where to begin. They will ensure that the job gets completed in a timely manner. They are there to get it done. When you do it yourself the job can go on and on for a very long time. It is often difficult to even know when you are finished.
I won’t do my own taxes, because I know that a tax accountant understands the latest regulations and codes, and works with them all the time. I might miss something very important, and valuable. The same can be true for remodeling. A designer will work much more efficiently, choosing products from companies they know and trusted subcontractors who can help do the job right.

Save money –

You may think you are saving money by doing the job yourself. However, while you may save on the initial cost of design services, in the long run you will likely spend more. A good designer benefits from strong relationships with providers of high-quality products, so they can usually get these products at a discounted rate. A designer also has a knack for choosing colors and items that work well together (after all, isn’t this one reason why you hire them), which will save money compared to buying the wrong items, trying many possible solutions that don’t work and then returning them (now we’re back to saving time – remember that time = money). We sometimes have clients that want us to paint a room a certain color. They are absolutely convinced of this color even after we paint a large sample on a wall. Then when the job is done they don’t like it and want it another color. An interior designer can help avoid this from happening.
In the end, the money you spend on professional design services will most likely come right back to you in these types of savings. And you will also most likely improve the value of your home

Up-to-date style –

An interior designer has up-to-date knowledge of current trends. They can make the things that you see in home magazines work for your space. And they will combine those decorative items (light fixtures, art, window treatments, etc.) with the correct paint colors.

Often times a designer will also be able to use existing items and integrate them into a new look.
Partner Spotlight:

Eagle Pond Studio


The Studio provides comprehensive services with a one-on-one approach and attention to detail, working directly with clients for each project.  Creating a good relationship between client, designer and builder is fundamental to the role of managing a successful project. (visit website)