Thoughts on Interior Design – Where Do You Begin?

How do you get started on an interior project?

October, 2016

I recently wrote about how combining the services of Prana Design Painting with an interior design professional can help achieve the best results for a client. I’ll take that a step further and add that as painting professionals we really enjoy it when this happens. Anything we can do to help ensure happiness is a good thing. Our goal is always complete satisfaction for the homeowner. By asking all of the right questions and exploring more thoroughly all of the thoughts and dreams of a homeowner, an interior designer further enables us to achieve that goal.

As a homeowner, think about how you want each room to feel. I think most of us would agree that we want our homes to be comfortable. However, in my view, there are different types of comfort. Some rooms are elegant and comfortable, while others might be cozy and comfortable. Or perhaps your entire house is enveloped in a particular theme. These ideas can be shared with a designer, and with a design plan in place, Prana Design Painting can help with the finishing touch. Painting and wall covering may be some of the last services rendered on a construction or redesign project, but they may also be the first thing a person notices. We love how it all comes together, but where do you begin? Continue reading for some thoughts from Alice Williams.


Where do you begin?

For some help with this I asked Alice Williams from Alice Williams Interiors in Hanover, NH:

“What are some questions you ask a new client to get started on an interior design project?”

“Help me understand some of the steps that you take to help guide them to the place they want to be?”

AW:In order to create a space that suits the client’s needs, I ask questions about their style and the way they live.  In addition to their comments, I can often find answers to these questions through their personal style.

Being in a client’s home and seeing first hand how they live in their spaces is very helpful.  I often ask that they don’t pick-up around the house before I come – I want to see the space in action!

Looking at images together can also be quite helpful.

With this information, I develop a design plan that gives a broad overview of suggestions for furniture and furnishings, colors and textures.

With feedback from the client, we further refine the selections until we have found just the right products to suit the client and the space.



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