How do you decorate a space that doesn't exist?

January, 2017

First, you have to build it. This Sunapee area home is over 100 years old, and once consisted of two floors built on an old stone foundation. With all of the original area already in use, the homeowners wanted to add space for some additional uses, including an entertainment/media center and a home gym.


The house is on a relatively tight, hilly lot, so there was limited space in which to build an addition. Given the age of the home and lack of a true foundation, there was also no basement in which to expand.


After many discussions, consultations and an engineering review it was determined that in order to create space while keeping the original house intact, the best course of action was to raise it up several feet and add a concrete foundation.

At one point during the renovation the house was raised a total of seventeen feet to allow enough room for the heavy equipment necessary to dig the foundation. When eventually lowered back into place the home was approximately five feet higher than its original location, which allowed for a full, walk-out basement that could be completely finished. Of course, this isn’t necessarily an easy task, but entirely doable.


The home now has an additional 1500 square feet of bright, comfortable, living space with many windows to allow light in, as well as one wall consisting entirely of glass, including two sets of sliding doors. This created several, unique spaces intended for multiple uses. These include a large media/entertainment space, a yoga studio, a home gym, a sauna, a full bathroom with shower, a large laundry room and a few other comfortable, multi-use sitting/reading areas. What a difference this has made for the home.   – See more photos from the project on our Houzz Page.