Happy Spring!


Oh No!


I was told that despite appearances, this ice shack was rescued in time.

March 21, 2017

Spring has arrived, but at least for the next month or so it is still interior painting season at Prana Design Painting. In fact, it’s always interior painting season for us, but for now it is “Interior Only”.


While the coming of spring allows us to start planning for the extensive amount of exterior work that we have scheduled for the year, the long, winter months afford us the opportunity to focus exclusively on our interior projects… and stay inside where it is nice and warm.

(Wall patch and preparation.)


Some of our projects are brand new homes, while others are interior repaints. Sometimes a few rooms, and other times an entire interior. As usual, this winter has offered us a healthy mix.

As you might expect, many of our homeowners spend some time in warmer climates during the winter months. It works out nicely for everyone when we can schedule a project for when the homeowners are away for a few weeks.


This is a perfect time for us to complete the work and have the house freshly painted, cleaned up and ready for them upon their return.

We’ll stay hidden  inside for the next several weeks, but pretty soon you’ll be seeing us out and about. We look forward to getting outside again, but we will also continue our interior work throughout the year. Winter scheduling doesn’t work for every homeowner.