A Girl And Her TreeHouse

April, 2017t9

The story begins with a little girl. She is less than a year old, and surrounded by big people. She observes everything around her. The people are building something. Just as she did, it started out small. And as she grows it too continues to grow. It starts with a tree. It is a tree, in a room, in a house. And in that tree another house begins to take form. It is a treehouse.


To get to the treehouse there is a rope bridge. The sky above the treehouse is blue, and in the sky there are clouds.

Next to the tree there is cliff. As the little girl grows, she will one day be able to climb up the cliff to the treehouse.

For now she will use the rope bridge. A rope bridge suggests that adventure is ahead. And every little girl loves adventure.


Many creative minds came together to build this enchanting world for a little girl. Many of the materials were sourced locally, meaning the tree, railings and balusters are all from the woods on the property.

The Original Tree House Design Drawing


The tree was erected in the room and the treehouse, as with most any other treehouse, was designed around the tree to fit into the branches. The railings and balusters were cut and hewn by hand using tools that may have been used 100 years ago.

The rope bridge and all of the rope enclosing the walkway were meticulously woven together to ensure safe passage by children and adults alike.


When it came time to add lighting to the room, the electrician offered his creative advice and services and made lights into clouds, or clouds out of lights. All of the LED lighting can change color. Many combinations of light are possible, so that the clouds, the sky and the treehouse itself can all be different colors.

The climbing wall won’t be used for quite a while. Additional hand and toe holds can be attached as necessary, and thick, floor padding and other safety measures can be added when the time comes.



The pictures don’t really do it justice, but you may visit our Houzz page to see more. To learn more about the creative team behind this project, feel free to contact us.