What Color is Your Front Door?


There are quite a few opinions about what a front door color generally means, and possibly reflects upon the homeowner.  Red, for example, is apparently a very welcoming color. My own front door is red, Rittenhouse Red to be specific, from Old Village Paint (available at Hutchins Paint and Wallpaper – 603-542-5751). I think it is a bit bold, but not too bold. It seems to go well with the beige siding and white trim. It is also a historic color, so I think it makes sense for a colonial style home. And Old Village has some knowledge of history, because they have been making paint since 1816.


If you live on an island in Greece your door is most likely blue and your house is bright white, and these colors have very practical origins. It gets quite hot in Greece, and the white reflects the sunlight, and helps keep a home cooler.

And, from what I understand, blue was a readily available and affordable tint which became popular to provide some contrast for doors, windows and roofs. I read somewhere that these even became required colors in some places.


I like this simplicity, but if you live in New England you may want to try something different.



I see many door colors on the houses here in New Hampshire, but also many that are kept stained, with a natural wood finish.  A grey door supposedly indicates that its owner is indecisive, but since I don’t recall seeing many of them I interpret that to mean that people here in New Hampshire are mostly assertive, and enjoy making a statement.

You may have your own opinion regarding what it means, but regardless, changing your front door color can make quite a difference in the appearance of your home. I have included several examples here from homes we have painted over the years (except for the picture of Greece).  I think that they all present a nice “curb appeal”.


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