Salt is Salt, Right?

October, 2017

You may think salt is pretty simple. I did.

Maybe you’re like I used to be, and you take salt for granted. It’s just there. Unappreciated, that is, until it’s not there. If you remove salt from many foods they would be much less flavorful. I particularly like this quote I found:

“Salt is what makes things taste bad when it isn’t in them.”

I’m not much of a foodie, or a cook for that matter, but over the years I’ve been taught a few things.

I’m still pretty simple and only use about 3 varieties, table salt for sprinkling on meals from a shaker, course sea salt, for adding a pinch while cooking and seasoned salt also used for cooking certain dishes (but even this probably doesn’t count as a different type of salt, just a salt mixture). However, I recently learned there are at least 12 different types of salt. Wow! I’m going to have to try some of these other, more exotic types,

but I’m learning to appreciate the differences just as I have learned to appreciate differences in other seemingly indistinguishable items.


Why am I pointing this out, you might ask?

Because – like salt, all painting contractors are also not the same, and I am frequently reminded of this fact from our clients. Not only do they see the difference in the finished product, but also in the way that the service is provided. After a recent job was completed, the client offered complimentary remarks about how the job looked, but also commented on the politeness and professionalism of our crew and the way that the job was cleaned up and left at the end of each day. They pointed out these items in comparison to the last painting company they hired.

It isn’t unusual for us to hear these types of comments. It’s what we love to hear, and why we keep doing what we do.

Next chance you get, try a different type of salt.


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