Color Of The Year – 2018.

November, 2017

Two of our most popular paint brands here in New England have recently announced color choices for their 2018 Color-Of-The-Year.

In a post from last year I introduced the Pantone Color Institute, and with some help from a local interior designer, provided a summary of its influence on colors.  Pantone can be considered the authority on colors that designers and decorators choose to incorporate into their products from year to year, whether it’s for new clothes or the paint in your living room. However, it’s safe to say that there are other influencers. Could the paint manufacturers themselves provide some help? Yes, they can, and their color experts and marketing departments are happy to share their knowledge with consumers.

I don’t think the paint manufacturers care which color you choose. Yet, they do want you to make a choice rather than remain in a constant state of inactivity. And due to the large number of options from their extensive collections, I can understand how a consumer might hesitate. Highlighting a few colors can help homeowners get started. And, with a little push eventually you may narrow down the options and arrive at your perfect color. Given the broad differences in what the paint companies choose as their Color-Of-The-Year, you may come to the same conclusion as I. There are no wrong answers.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have announced their choices for the coming year. Take a look at these Color-Of-The-Year videos and more detailed press releases. And remember, even if you don’t choose the Color-Of-The-Year, they may get you thinking about colors and inspire further activity.

Benjamin Moore     Caliente-AF-290

What adjectives come to mind when you think of the color red?
Radical – Dramatic – Happy – Smart – Primary – Symbolic. These are a few that the Benjamin Moore designers have in mind. Maybe red also invokes feelings of Desire – Change – Strength – Confidence.

Sherwin Williams    Oceanside SW 6496

What about the color blue? Sherwin Williams offers up these ideas.
Intelligent – Honest – Interesting. Boosts creative thinking and clarity of thought. Invites meditation and introspection.

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