Keeping the Winter Busy.

Interior Remodel and Repaint.

February, 2018

Busy as usual, with interior – and even some exterior work.

I thought I’d highlight a few projects we’ve been working on this winter, at least the ones where I was able to get some pictures.

I like to use Houzz as a place to add and store project photos, and to do research. If you’re not familiar with Houzz, it is a very useful site when redecorating or remodeling to get ideas about what other homeowners are doing. You may search for any term in which you are interested. For example, when I just did a search on the term “green bathroom” I was presented with 55,248 green bathroom ideas. That might be a bit too much, so I’d probably want to try something more specific to narrow the results. You may also use the built-in filters.

Give it a try. Feel free to begin by following these links.

We even did some exterior work this winter.
Read about it.
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