Get Outside and Enjoy the Local Sites.

May, 2018

Regardless of how you get there, whether by hike, run, bike or chairlift, I suggest you all try to get to the top of Mount Sunapee this year. I went up yesterday evening for my first trip this season. I was having a fine day before heading out, but I felt even better once I arrived at the summit. The weather was wonderful also, but I would have felt great even without the perfect weather. Mount Sunapee is lower than 3000 feet in elevation, but the view is inspiring. There is something about a mountain that will do that to you. I didn’t have my camera/phone yesterday, but the picture included here is from another trip taken at about the same time of year. It hasn’t changed a bit.

And you don’t have to wait for a weekend. There’s plenty of daylight in the evenings after work. If you are hiking, there are a few different routes. I went up the road from the lower parking lot that goes to the campground and ski bowl, and continued past the bottom of the chairlift on the dirt/gravel path on the left. To the summit by this route it is about 2.75 miles. This is also a good route for mountain biking.

Of course you can go to the top of other mountains too, but Mount Sunapee is my local favorite.

Outdoor activities this summer –

I thought I’d share this article from the Boston Globe I noticed recently. In addition to Mount Sunapee, it highlights many of the region’s other sites and activities.

I can’t sum it up any better.

Sunapee is celebrating its 250th anniversary — and here’s how you can join the fun

In addition to making the first trip up the mountain, this was also the week to turn on the water and get the outdoor shower ready for the season.

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And speaking of getting outside, it’s that time of year to get your decks and docks looking wonderful. We have a lot of experience with the many types of wood and the products used to treat them.  Contact us to get on our schedule.