New Hampshire Summer Playground.

June, 2018.

Since The Lake Sunapee area is known as a summer playground and resort, with this week being the beginning of the summer season it is only fitting that we have been working on an actual resort. Many of you have probably driven by or visited the Mountain Edge Resort and Spa on Route 103 in Newbury. You can’t really miss it as you drive down Route 103 near the base of Mount Sunapee. Over the past several weeks we have been cleaning, painting and staining the exterior with some noticeable results.

The resort is quite a large building, designed in the style of lodges in the Adirondacks.

Starting in the late 19th century, the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York became a popular location to visit as the railroad industry took off and provided relatively easy access. When the area was discovered by wealthy New Yorkers, many of them began to build summer camps where they would spend several weeks at a time cooling off. The term “camp” can be misleading, as many of these were large, elaborate lakeside homes, yet they were built using local materials, including local timber and stone.

Therefore, one of the most distinctive features of Mountain Edge is the use of large wooden beams throughout the design. Likewise, these are probably the most visible improvements when restoring the building to its original state. You can clearly see the difference in before and after pictures.









An additional challenge at Mountain Edge is the height of many of its roof peaks, particularly on the side facing the road. Some of these have to be more than 45 feet high, because for most of the work we used a 45 foot articulating lift, but still couldn’t reach the highest points. Fortunately, we have other methods.

We’re still working on this project, but it’s coming along nicely. Take a look as you drive by or visit the next time.

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