What If Washing is All Your House Needs?

August, 2018

What If Washing is All Your House Needs?

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Careful preparation is critical in the painting process, and will have a lasting effect on the quality and endurance of the finished product.

A thorough washing is almost always the first step in painting the exterior of your home. You might be amazed by the outcome. Sometimes the results are remarkable. What if that’s all your home needs right now?

We use a gentle, low-pressure process to prevent damage. We begin by applying a cleaning solution with a pump sprayer, taking special care to protect all of the plants and bushes of the landscaping. If necessary we will then scrub with brushes. This is almost always needed on flat surfaces, like decks and docks. Then the cleaning solution is rinsed off with water. After a couple of days of drying time we can continue with the next steps of the painting process.

Some homes are particularly dirty and covered with mildew. Certain homes or sections may require more than one treatment. Sometimes it is necessary for us to wash the home first before we can determine what other preparatory steps are required for the paint job.

If your home hasn’t been painted or washed in a while, the washing may offer a significant improvement. Then we can more accurately estimate the painting, or sometimes even suggest that painting can wait another year.