A Great Resource For Design and Remodeling Ideas.

February, 2019
A Great Resource For Design and Remodeling Ideas.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s worth repeating. If you are not aware of this site, I want to introduce a great resource for getting ideas for your home. If you are remodeling or thinking about remodeling, I suggest that you look at Houzz.com. I’ve been an advocate for years, and you will see many of our projects posted to our Houzz site.

The following story came to my attention recently and prompted me to write this post. It also includes a video. I enjoyed the story and I hope that you do too.

Houzz is very much a visual service. When I just checked, I noticed that there are over 18 million photos posted. There are certain quality and resolution requirements for posting to the site. I’ve included a few of these pictures from past projects below, and you may follow the link to see more. Houzz is also specific to home/residential use, so even though I have some nice pictures of commercial projects, like a library we refinished last summer, you won’t see those projects on Houzz. It is strictly for home ideas and services.


When you first visit you will be asked to register with an email address. It’s a free and simple process, and you may turn off or choose not to receive notifications if you’d like. I don’t work for Houzz, and have no affiliation with the company, I just think it’s a good place to go to learn about new design ideas and see examples of what is being done in the realm of home remodeling and design. It doesn’t replace your designer or architect (or painting contractor) but might help you choose these service providers and give you some ideas to discuss for your own home.

Check out Houzz if you’d like. It might be helpful when making those tough remodeling decisions.

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