Are You Being Served?

March, 2019

The last day of winter, March, 2019

What services are most important to you? I read a recent painting industry study with an interest in comparing our services with those offered by similar companies throughout the country. The study was the result of an industry survey for the year 2018. I think the variations can probably be attributed to regional differences.

I addition, the study shared some information about shopping; in this case how customers are typically finding painting companies. I think this is really a representation of shopping trends overall.

I’ve shared a little more detail regarding these findings in the boxes below.
One other glaring observation is that across the country the greatest industry challenge is finding and hiring employees. Those interested in working with us at Prana Design Painting can find us at:

APC 2018 Contractor Operations Survey


When it comes to what people want, it’s clear that we provide all of the services mentioned, but I thought I noticed an oddity that stood out from our experience. We have found that one thing that clients do not want is wallpaper. Yet wallpapering services were still being provided by 50% of respondents. However, when I looked closer, I noticed that the service was labeled as “Paperhanging/removal”. It makes sense to me that most of those services are likely for the removal of wallpaper. When we do encounter wallpaper these days, it is because someone wants it removed and the walls repainted.

We find that this also holds true regarding popcorn textured ceilings. While there was a time when popcorn ceilings were very popular, that time has now passed. When a home has this type of ceiling, it is usually perceived as being dated and out of style. So, regarding both wallpaper and popcorn ceilings, we are often called upon to remove and repaint. We also do quite a bit of Cabinet Refinishing, as well as Deck/Dock Refinishing.

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Before and After cabinet repainting/refinishing.

Where people are looking:

Most often shoppers are looking on-line. In keeping with the technology being used in 2018, (now 2019) we try to keep our website and social media sites up to date. These were identified in the survey as the top two sources of information for people who were looking for painting services.
  Drilling down on social media, for those who are using these apps Facebook is by far the most popular. If this is the place where customers are looking, it makes sense that it is where contractors should focus their energy. However, social media isn’t embraced by all. The survey shows that 35% of contractors do not use social media sites.

Also, when it comes to advertising only a little over 10% of contractors use paid services such as Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor. We also do not advertise with those products.

APC 2018 Contractor Operations Survey