Fun To See Clients On The Cover Of New Hampshire Home Magazine.

It’s nice to see a story about a home that we’ve worked on in the current issue of New Hampshire Home Magazine.

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Updating A Lake House

We’ve been painting this home for years. Now, before you get the wrong idea, I don’t mean that it has taken us years to complete the job. It’s just that we’ve worked on many different projects, inside and out. Some of these projects include annual maintenance on decks and docks, staining exterior siding, painting trim, repainting interior rooms and painting and refinishing cabinets.

We have long-standing relationships with many of the home professionals in the Lake Sunapee Region who have also worked on this home.

And it isn’t just this home. We provide regular maintenance for many clients throughout the region. Rather than wait many years until your home looks like it needs to be painted, it is more cost effective to regularly maintain the finish. Decks and docks are prime examples of things that require more frequent maintenance. They are often fully exposed to the sun and weather, and regardless what product you use this will inevitably dull their appearance more quickly than other surfaces. It’s best to keep up with them before they need more extensive work.
Newbury 408

Again, it’s fun to see a story about clients whom we have known for so long. They are great clients and even better people.

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New Hampshire Home, July/August 2019

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