It’s That Time Of Year Again.

September, 2019

Early 20th Century Re-Paint.

I talked last month about finally getting some nice weather, which gives us hope that we can get many of our exterior projects completed before winter. However, it’s never too early to consider the interior season. We work on interior projects year-round (I think I say it every year), but during the winter months we are inside exclusively.

Beneficial to everyone, the scheduling for interior work can be much more precise, because we are not reliant on the weather. We are happy to work with you to make it most convenient. Perhaps you’d like us to do the work while you are away on vacation? Or maybe you have a second home that is not used as much in the winter, and you’d like to do some interior painting before next spring? These are situations that we encounter frequently.

We are being contacted regularly for estimates, so don’t wait. Get in touch soon.