Explore Pinterest, But Don’t Be Shy About Speaking With a Professional.

February, 2020

Pinterest can be a great place for getting ideas about a variety of subjects, including home decorating and remodeling. Using Pinterest, you may enter search words or terms to find photos of rooms or furniture items, for example, and possibly links to further details.

Pinterest analytics can be used to gather information and point out future trends. I’ve noticed many home design articles mentioning Pinterest when referencing what is currently popular. In this way the use of social media apps and other websites enable almost immediate insight into what other people are doing or considering.

Most recently, in articles I’ve read about home trends for 2020, many refer to the increase in searches related to certain items, and some of them are very specific. For instance, I noticed a 751% increase in searches for “at home coffee stations”. Also, on Pinterest, searches for “Spanish Style Bathrooms” are up 300%. Therefore, one can conclude that those are popular trends.

Because other people are searching for it doesn’t always mean that it’s something that is right for you. And I’m not recommending Pinterest as a replacement for an expert. An interior design professional can ask questions and get to know you more personally. Then, they can guide you in a direction that is specific for you, and probably offer some thoughts that you have not considered. There are many local designers who can help you with redecorating or remodeling, including choosing paint colors. Have fun exploring ideas on Pinterest or other sites, but remember that if necessary, a second (professional) opinion is easy to find.

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