March 15, 2020

Just reaching out this weekend to let you know that, while adhering to certain common-sense practices, and taking necessary precautions, Prana Painting is planning on operating this upcoming week. However, things seem to change quickly, and we will make necessary changes to our plans as the situation evolves. We take this seriously and encourage all to follow local and national guidelines of limiting points of contact and avoiding crowds.

Fortunately, we have a pretty insulated group and we also have several projects that allow us to work in empty houses. We will adjust our schedules accordingly and focus on those projects where we will have very limited outside contact. Of course, if we are working on your house or business and you would prefer us to reschedule, please contact us right away.

We also ask any employee that feels that they, or someone in their household, may have had any possible contact with the virus to please do the right thing and stay home. More generally, if you are feeling sick in any way, we also strongly encourage you to stay home.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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