Now is the Time to Schedule Interior Painting.

Most painting companies are busy working on exterior projects during the spring, summer and fall months. Prana Design Painting is no exception. We have limited time and weather in which we complete many outdoor jobs. As fall approaches, we continue with exterior projects, large and small, but once the temperature drops below acceptable levels we have to move inside.


Of course we paint inside during the summer months too, but the winter months offer a great opportunity to get your interior work done. Perhaps you are a seasonal resident in the region, and your home is not used frequently in the winter. That would be a great time for us to do some maintenance, and freshen it up for next year. However, even if you are a full-time resident and living in your home, we will work around your schedule to limit any disruption to your normal routine.


Our crews enjoy their work. Interiors can be most rewarding, because clients are in these spaces daily and have a close-up view of the finish. Our employees are true, craftsmen who apply exquisite interior coatings with extreme care. They take a great deal of pride in assuring that each home is completed with the finest finish possible.


With experience gained from working on many spectacular homes, each of our interior specialists has a keen sense regarding what looks great. And with a friendly attitude, they are happy to answer questions and give suggestions when asked. Call us as soon as possible to get on the schedule for these immensely talented individuals this interior season.

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