Happy Thanksgiving!

November, 2020
Speaking of food, I figured I’d put up a few dining area photos. I don’t always get the chance to take pictures of a project, but I try as often as possible. I look forward to the next opportunity where I can get some new pictures.

I never want to inconvenience anyone, but most of the time our clients are very understanding and accommodating. They know that what we offer is a visually pleasing product. After all, the reason they hired us in the first place was to transform their home or business into the new vision that they have in mind. And they appreciate that our photo gallery helps other people understand what we do.

Sometimes the timing doesn’t work for pictures though, or it is just not practical for one reason or another. Such is the case in our current, socially distant environment, and I haven’t even tried to take interior pictures since the virus changed our world.

I’m hoping to visit plenty of new projects when things are safe once again. So, get on our list for the winter, and help me add your newly painted/decorated space to our photo gallery. Give us a call or complete our contact form to provide information about your decorating goals.
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Interior Design for 2021

October 2020

What Will You Change In 2021?

Something that I think seems to repeat itself, given enough time, is style. While styles may change frequently, and some are completely new, it isn’t uncommon to see them recycled after several years. Let’s see if that happens in 2021.
6 interior design trends for 2021

2020 has been a challenging year to say the least and with so much change and uncertainty impacting our lives right now, it can be hard to even look ahead, let alone plan ahead.
COVID-19 has dramatically changed the way we live, so it’s not surprising it is already having a huge influence on the way we design, decorate and use our homes.
“Interior design trends don’t evolve in a bubble. They are a direct response to world events and 2020 is as they say ‘unprecedented’,” says interior designer and founder of Sisällä, Lauren Li, who predicts we will be seeing some immediate reactions to the pandemic in the way we decorate our homes.
Here she shares an insight into some of the interior trends we can expect to see more of as we move into 2021.   Arts and crafts
“The pandemic is a perfect storm for DIYers,” says Lauren. “We have time at home to relearn handicrafts as we create personal pieces for the home. We will be experimenting with ceramics, tie-dye, quilting, knitting and macramé. Not only do we find satisfaction and pride in our newly learned skills, old-fashioned crafts help calm anxieties.”   Grandmillennial style
Speaking of old-fashioned crafts, it seems as though Millennials are growing tired of same-same spaces, white-on-white interiors and the pressure to be ‘modern’, and are instead seeking respite in the revival of traditional styles. Just like feminine florals, gingham prints, puffy sleeves and frills are back on the catwalk, Chintz, micro florals, wicker and cane furniture, antiques, fringing and wallpaper are back in Vogue thanks to a new trend known as Grandmillennial style.
Embrace traditional, ‘old-fashioned’ styles to create a sense of comfort. Photo: Dave Wheeler | Styling: Lisa Burden
Natural Textures
Lauren predicts that we will see a renewed appreciation for things made by hand as we seek an antidote to our hi-tech, digital lives. “We will see a lot of strong textures such as more rustic looking wood where we can feel the grain and natural stone full of character,” says Lauren. “We will embrace the imperfections of authentic natural materials and move away from look-alike materials like porcelain with a marble look and sleek looking man-made surfaces. We want to see and feel materials with natural textures like wool, linen, wood and stone – the opposite of the screens we spend a lot of hours looking at.”
Interior stylist Simone Haag’s home is full of texture and interesting handmade objects that add soul. Photo: Derek Swalwell | Styling: Simone Haag
Cheerful colours
“During this time in the middle of a pandemic we feel uncertain and frankly, things are looking bleak. The last thing we want is for our homes to look dull and depressing especially as we’re spending more time than ever at home.” Lauren predicts we’ll be seeing interior trends move away from colourless shades of grey, black and white that makes us feel nothing. “More than ever we need to feel optimistic, so we turn to yellow. Yellow is a friendly colour, it’s happy and a little simple.” “Yellow in our homes it may seem unusual and even a little scary, but used the right way it gives a cheerful cosiness,” says Lauren. From sophisticated ochres and mustard, to blonde and warm beige and bold yellow, there are many tones of yellow that make it accessible to use at home.
A pop of yellow is guaranteed to bring joy to your home. Photo: Alicia Taylor
Everyday luxuries
“During this pandemic, we feel less inclined to buy lipstick because no one can see us when we’re (stuck) at home anyway so, we’re investing in some small but luxurious home updates,” says Lauren. “We’re spending more time than ever at home and need our homes to make us feel good. The ‘lipstick effect’ during COVID might be a luxury scented candle, new bed linen, beautiful cushions or a luxurious scented hand soap. These small things for the home give us an uplift and brighten up our environment. Rather than spending on a large renovation, they are an inexpensive way to bring about some cheerful changes at home.”
Treat yourself to one special item like fresh flowers or a scented candle. Photo: Maree Homer | Stylist: Kristin Rawson
Buying local
Lauren also believes that people are showing a greater tendency to buy locally. She’s seeing a “huge shift in thinking as we look to shop locally to avoid lengthy shipping delays from overseas suppliers. We’re looking at local makers for special custom pieces such as entertainment units and dining tables. There will be a renewed interest in locally made pieces that are unique to our needs and taste.”

adapted from article published in Homes To Love

To All Current and Future Customers – 2020 Update.

September, 2020

Not a Normal Year

We appreciate your patience. Despite trying to operate under a “business as usual” mentality, we are being held back and delayed by all that is going on. Rest assured that we are doing our best to please every one of our many loyal customers. We understand the frustration, and you can be sure that we feel equally frustrated.

We are being as careful as we can while working through our current situation. Due to the virus and the safety precautions that we are taking, we rarely have all employees working at the same time. Although we added employees this year, we still end up with several of them taking days off throughout the week to take care of children and other family members. The net result is that we can have fewer employees working at any given time. And those employees are working long hours.

We have never stopped working, and we will continue to progress through our scheduled projects until all are complete. We apologize for delays, but we are working as quickly as possible.

At the same time, we look ahead to the future.


If you are waiting for us to provide an estimate, thank you. Our estimates take time, and unfortunately this process can be delayed as well. We will be in touch as soon as possible to schedule a time to visit. If we have already been in touch and maybe already visited, we will complete the estimate and email you as soon we can get it finished.

If you have an interior project, we are scheduling now for winter/spring dates. If you have an exterior project, we are scheduling for next summer and beyond.  

Thank you for understanding.

The Top Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for 2020.

July, 2020

If you are considering updating your kitchen cabinets, painting them with a fresh, new color can be a good option. Perhaps something that you see here will help you decide. Contact us when you are ready.

Our Interior Painting Services include everything that you need – not just cabinet painting. Get in touch now for more flexible scheduling during our Winter/Spring season.
Calming blues, striking black shades, and much more. There’s nothing like an all-white kitchen, but in 2020, interior designers are open to a range of other impactful hues, especially for cabinets. But finding the right hue for your kitchen cabinets can be a frustrating process. Everything from the style of your cabinets to the amount of natural light your kitchen receives are key factors to consider when choosing a color. Plus, there’s an abundance of shades within the same color, making the decision process even more overwhelming.  If you’re in need of some direction, we have you covered. We invited a selection of designers to share the top kitchen cabinet paint colors for 2020. From moody hues to soothing shades of blues and greens, use their picks as inspiration for your space.

“A current trend we’re loving is mixing natural wood and painted cabinets. It’s been popular in years past to paint lower and upper cabinets different shades, and we’re now doing something similar with lower wood cabinets and upper cabinets painted in a complementary color. Allowing the wood-grain to shine in some of the cabinets brings texture and depth to space, while painted cabinets are an opportunity to introduce warmth and interest with the addition of color.” — Andrea Goldman of Andrea Goldman Design

“We’re going to see lots of black this year, especially in kitchens. Edgy but so classic, black cabinets pair perfectly with anything from warm wood shelves to crisp white backsplashes. I love pitch black, but if you want a toned-down version, try Off-Black by Farrow & Ball for some drama no matter your style of kitchen.” — Briana Nix of Decorist

“We’re seeing a return to wood finishes as well as warm colors on kitchen cabinetry; colors with an old-world charm, but that are used in a contemporary way.” — Young Huh of Young Huh Interior Design

Courtesy of Melanie Fowler “I am obsessed with this light sea green in my kitchen. It is so versatile and goes with everything—black, white, beige, and so many other colors. It is serene and creates a tranquil feeling.” — Melanie Fowler of Clos-ette

kitchen with wood cabinets
“I’m really happy to see that wood cabinets are making a comeback and designers are exploring options beyond a painted finish. The choice of wood species and stain are still very important, as a honey-toned maple is drastically different in look and feel to a white oak cabinet. There’s a movement toward returning to the extra texture that wood grain cabinets bring to what could be a sterile, cold space.” — Liz Foster of Decorist

“We’re seeing a move toward colors that are darker and moodier, but also grounded in nature. We expect interest in those hues to extend toward kitchen cabinets. Blues and greens work well because of the variety in those color families, and they provide a sense of comfort.” — Sue Wadden of Sherwin-Williams

“There will be a tendency to include intense color accents in 2020 kitchen designs. Rather than choosing just one color for the kitchen cabinets, the trend in 2020 is to choose one or several elements, like the kitchen island, kitchen wall cabinets, or base cabinets in daring colors, like dark red, bright yellow, green, or navy blue. In 2020, there is no limitation in terms of which color to choose for your kitchen, as long as it is being combined with classic kitchen cabinet finishes and materials, like oak wood, trendy black Fenix laminate, classic white glass, or a neutral glass cabinet finish. For this island, we used Benjamin Moore’s Summer Nights 777.” — Meghan DeMaria of Moss Design

“We’re finally moving beyond the all-white or light gray kitchen and more and more designers and homeowners are embracing kitchens in muted colors like navy, deep greens, warm ivories, and even charcoal. People are really gravitating toward the look and feel of English country kitchens and we’re seeing it most obviously in these unique color choices.” — Liz Foster of Decorist

  see the Original post here.

Is There Such a Thing as a Covid-19 Resistant Coating?

June, 2020

I received an email not long ago regarding some current research into developing a coating that would catch and kill a virus, possibly at first for use on masks, gloves, and gowns to keep medical professionals safe. These researchers do not have the ability to work with the Covid-19 virus immediately, but it was implied that testing on the new virus would be done when possible.

Let me be clear, virus killing paint does not exist, and our paint suppliers do not make any claims to have such a product.  In fact, I feel that the subject of the email I received was a bit misleading, “Covid Killing Coatings”, as paint is often referred to as a coating (coat and paint can be synonymous terms). I still think it was intentional, but to be fair I could have been biased by the terms used.

Something that is available in the paint world is antimicrobial paint that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the surface where it is used. After a little research, I did find something called a “self-disinfecting coating” available that is supposed to last for up to 90 days. It is sprayed on like Windex. However, under real conditions, tests seem to indicate that the effective period can be much shorter than that, depending on where it is used and how often it is touched.

Here’s a recent article about one used in Singapore, a city famous for its cleanliness. https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/explainer-are-self-disinfecting-coatings-latest-covid-19-hero-too-good-be-true

I’m always skeptical of claims that sound too good to be true. I’ll keep cleaning, washing my hands and following the recommendations from trusted experts.

In a Vitual World We Do Virtual/Contactless Estimates.

May, 2020

Everyone had to make certain adjustments over the past two months in order to follow the recommended safety practices. Our business is no exception. In a world of virtual meetings, we are doing virtual estimates.

Being trapped at home looking at their surroundings may have inspired some people to want to do some painting. As much as we like meeting our customers in person and getting to know them a bit, we must get used to a world where we do more things from a distance. In the past a customer might send us a picture or two to give us an idea of a project’s scope, but we would always follow up with a visit in-person to get into the details.

Now we must rely more on pictures, and with everyone getting used to video calls and conferencing with solutions like Skype, FaceTime and Zoom, we can also use these tools to “visit” customers and learn their priorities. While we may not be video experts yet, the solutions are there for us to use. We have used video before, but not for a live conversation where both sides can ask and answer questions. This may in fact be a better way of understanding the details of a project.

Taking advantage of the latest technology can offer some great benefits, but there is usually a learning period. Like everyone else, we are doing our best. Please have patience as we continue to adapt. Hopefully we will be meeting in-person again soon.

Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.

Working Outside
With beautiful weather we get many anxious customers asking when their projects will begin. If you are one of these people, you are not alone. We understand your eagerness, and appreciate your patience. At this time, mid-May, we just started our exterior working season. Here are a few points that will hopefully answer many of your frequently asked questions.

  • Several projects were delayed by weather related issues last year, and those are first on our schedule. We can’t get to all the projects at once, but we have multiple teams working at all times.
  • Many of our employees have families with children who are not in school or day-care right now due to the quarantine. They need to take turns staying home some days each week. This means we are not at full strength at any given time, and projects take longer because of that.
  • We have hired several new employees recently, and while they are new, we expect them to be up to speed quickly and helping us complete all our projects.
  • There will still be days when we cannot work outside due to the weather. We expect this, but it is frustrating for us and our customers.

Adjusting to work during a pandemic.

April, 2020

These are difficult times for everyone. None of us have experienced anything like this, so we take it day by day and adapt to the frequent changes. We are all doing our best to ensure the safety of everyone around us.

For our company it is not what you would call “business as usual”, but we are still working. We continue our focus on interior projects that fall into one or both of two groups:

  • second homes, which are usually occupied seasonally and are currently vacant
  • complete renovations, also where no one is currently living.

Under current conditions we are working in small teams, as individuals or sometimes not at all to try to keep employees and customers as safe as possible. If someone develops as much as a sniffle, they are sent home for at least a week until we can be sure they are not contagious. The same is true if their spouse or one of their children is sick in any way. This means that we never have all our employees working at the same time, and this of course slows our progress.

To make up for these circumstances we are actively hiring. We just added two new employees who will be starting in the next two weeks, and will continue hiring as we find the right people.

Work is progressing well on this interior repainting project.

We expect to begin outside work as we move into next month. We also expect projects will inevitably be delayed for the same reasons as previously stated. Nobody can predict how long our current situation will continue, .

Other challenges include:

  • There are certain products that we are not getting or that we are getting on a limited basis. (For example, certain cleaning solutions that we use to clean our projects before painting). I think we can all relate to that as we’ve all heard of and possibly experienced some shortages.
  • We always hope for great painting weather, but rarely get it. So, just like any other year, we can never count on the weather to cooperate.

Thank you to all our customers, partners and employees.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services



March 15, 2020

Just reaching out this weekend to let you know that, while adhering to certain common-sense practices, and taking necessary precautions, Prana Painting is planning on operating this upcoming week. However, things seem to change quickly, and we will make necessary changes to our plans as the situation evolves. We take this seriously and encourage all to follow local and national guidelines of limiting points of contact and avoiding crowds.

Fortunately, we have a pretty insulated group and we also have several projects that allow us to work in empty houses. We will adjust our schedules accordingly and focus on those projects where we will have very limited outside contact. Of course, if we are working on your house or business and you would prefer us to reschedule, please contact us right away.

We also ask any employee that feels that they, or someone in their household, may have had any possible contact with the virus to please do the right thing and stay home. More generally, if you are feeling sick in any way, we also strongly encourage you to stay home.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Explore Pinterest, But Don’t Be Shy About Speaking With a Professional.

February, 2020

Pinterest can be a great place for getting ideas about a variety of subjects, including home decorating and remodeling. Using Pinterest, you may enter search words or terms to find photos of rooms or furniture items, for example, and possibly links to further details.

Pinterest analytics can be used to gather information and point out future trends. I’ve noticed many home design articles mentioning Pinterest when referencing what is currently popular. In this way the use of social media apps and other websites enable almost immediate insight into what other people are doing or considering.

Most recently, in articles I’ve read about home trends for 2020, many refer to the increase in searches related to certain items, and some of them are very specific. For instance, I noticed a 751% increase in searches for “at home coffee stations”. Also, on Pinterest, searches for “Spanish Style Bathrooms” are up 300%. Therefore, one can conclude that those are popular trends.

Because other people are searching for it doesn’t always mean that it’s something that is right for you. And I’m not recommending Pinterest as a replacement for an expert. An interior design professional can ask questions and get to know you more personally. Then, they can guide you in a direction that is specific for you, and probably offer some thoughts that you have not considered. There are many local designers who can help you with redecorating or remodeling, including choosing paint colors. Have fun exploring ideas on Pinterest or other sites, but remember that if necessary, a second (professional) opinion is easy to find.

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Happy New Year.

January, 2020.

New year – New ski season.
The Prana Ski Team relaxes after a recent race.

While our ski team meets only one night per week, our teams of painters are busy every day working on projects in New Hampshire and Vermont. We recently provided all painting services for the newly renovated post office in Rutland, Vermont. This included the eagle and other graphics for U.S. Postal Service branding.


We also continue working on many other residential and commercial projects. This sometimes includes accent walls and highly customized finishing touches, like stenciling. Our work is diverse in regard to the types of projects and widespread throughout the region. If you have any questions about your future  projects and what kind of help we can provide, please ask.